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Moments later Cardiff were punished for their shoddiness when David Marshall allowed a Plymouth cross to travel to the far post, Quinn miscued and Sawyer accepted a shooting invitation to give the Pilgrims hope of progress.
As is traditional with large-scale music events in Cairo, Thursday's concert will be remembered for the shoddiness of its dangerously-bad organization, the extortionate ticket prices, and the profit-driven and meaningless separation of the audience according to how much they are willing to pay.
Despite all this--including the shoddiness of the misnamed "perfect binding" and much book production today--books have never quite lost the reverence once paid to illuminated vellum pages produced by monks at a cost higher than many people's homes and furnishings.
American conservatism would have been better prepared to resist intellectual shoddiness, corrupt imagination, and a false moral virtue.
When they are not, their deficiencies fairly shout at the courthouse reporter who has read too many briefs to be taken in by exaggeration, misquotation, manipulation of precedent, conclusions that do not follow [easily or at all] from premises, and plain shoddiness.
My mother especially, but all of us felt exquisitely self-conscious about the state of the apartment: the mishmash of tattered furniture; the water-damaged ceilings; the general, cramped shoddiness that defied even my mother's incessant stacking and dusting.
Thankfully, Sky does not accept such shoddiness and will doubtless be right on top of the situation at the bottom of the Premiership as the goals go in at Old Trafford and Bramall Lane.
Holding a quiz before dawn and using it to rip off the saddest people in the nation is the surely the ultimate in shameful shoddiness, isn't it?
3] The satisfying pay-off of this spectacle of makeover work is the way things fit together, the performance of an expertise and skill that irons out all of the misfittings of life, adjusts and fine-tunes the gaps, creases, and traces of incommensurability, undoes shoddiness and bad workmanship.
The blatant signs of disrepair may at last be being dealt with now, but as compensation for the long-term shoddiness of the roads and pavements, shouldn't the council actually be paying the residents?