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JBM's position is extremely complementary to our 'No fiber left behind' strategy, which diverts more than 130 million pounds of pre-consumer material each year from landfills, while also upgrading those materials into wiping rags and remnants for paint and industrial cleaning, shoddy for insulation and padding markets and high quality recycled yarns for knitting and upholstery applications for our global customer base.
Consumers spend an estimated 59 million hours a year dealing with shoddy services and goods.
Kshirsagar and EGS minister Nitin Raut expressed concern over the shoddy work.
To the best of my knowledge, shoddy workmanship was incorrectly mentioned just once by the BDF early in 2011.
COWBOY BUILDERS Five, 8pm They leave devastation and destruction in their wake, knocking out shoddy effort after shoddy effort.
Cowboy Builders (Five, 8pm) THEY leave devastation and destruction in their wake, knocking out shoddy effort after shoddy effort up and down the country.
I WOULD normally have dedicated this week's PISH award (Player Is Shoddy Husband) to Wayne Rooney.
28, 2010 (CENS)--The Taiwan Cabinet recently passed the revision to the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act, under which those who are engaged in production and marketing of illegal, shoddy tobacco and/or alcohol will be subject to a maximum jail term of seven years.
Peers argued the move, which would deny Parliamentary passes to the UK's MEPs, was a "messy shoddy little administrative proposal" and unanimously demanded further consideration of the matter.
When the big companies are happy to take what little cash we've got left and then deliver shoddy goods or services, we know we can rely on Nicky Campbell, Paul Heiney and Anita Rani to bring the bad guys to book.
He said: "The first thing I noticed is the shoddy workmanship.
were notified this week that their contract was being terminated for shoddy workmanship, ongoing contract violations and for failure to complete the project on time.