shoot at

See: attack
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When someone is shooting at you and continuing to shoot at you, you have the legal right not only to shoot back but to wound that person or to kill that person,'' Baca said in an interview.
The man continued to shoot at the officers, striking the victim officer once in the back below his protective vest and once fatally in the torso through the edge trim of his vest.
It is roaming the woods and fields and randomly picking out various targets to shoot at as you wander along -- perhaps a leaf, a tuft of grass, a dark shadow, a rotting log, or even a stump.
We stump-shoot around through the trees, and when we come to one of the targets, we shoot at it once and move on.
What's more, thanks to the DIGIC III chip's more aggressive noise reduction, the PowerShot G7 digital camera is able to shoot at ISO equivalent speed ratings from 80 to as high as 1600.
While Mitchell will have more than $2 million invested in the club when the project is completed, he said he does not intend to raise the price to shoot at the club, which is $6 for a round of 25 clay pigeons.
When you shoot at a deer and the animal runs away, never assume your shot missed.
The gang members continued to shoot at him but crashed into a parked car at Astoria Street and Foothill Boulevard in Sylmar.
Only when people point a gun, or shoot at them, does this happen.
Re contends that Woldemariam was shot in the side, less than an inch toward the back - a position that he argues is consistent with Woldemariam attempting to shoot at Lee and turning to flee.