shoot forward

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He saw a mighty arm upraised, and a stout spear shoot forward toward the lion, to bury itself in the broad chest.
The lady was trying to manoeuvre her car, but somehow hit the gas pedal with force causing it to shoot forward and smash through the front of the bank," he added.
Tony tried to climb out of the car but accidentally stood on the accelerator causing the automatic Ford Focus to shoot forward and crush him between the car and a wall.
Bring it back, "Like an arrow caught in a bow," Jakes writes, "most people go backward before they shoot forward.
He had to be more positive when the ball was at his feet and he had to shoot forward more often, and although he was bitterly disappointed to miss the Brazil game due to injury Parry seems to be on top of his game.
The inquest heard the bike's accelerator was so powerful even someone experienced in using it could have underestimated the potential to shoot forward.
The boats shoot forward like arrows, scaring the fish.
He said: "There was no evidence that he had been told if you pull the hand throttle up when it is in gear then it will shoot forward.
The sales rep had just gone into his boot, looking for samples, when I saw the silver car shoot forward.
When the car was examined it was found to have a number of defects, including a tendency to shoot forward uncontrollably at high speed.
My brain would recoil backward, then shoot forward and hit the front of my skull, and then I would get a bruise on the brain in the front of my forehead,'' Miller said.
The fourth quarter saw net income shoot forward by +63% and total sales increase by +27.