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Our tale - based on a German folk yarn - tells of a clerk who must shoot straight in order to win a forester's daughter.
Buzz's two basic mandates for all good shooters are to shoot straight (avoid misses to the left or right) and judge distances (avoid misses short or long).
Jason Puncheon nearly responded, but could only shoot straight at Clayton Ince from the edge of the box, while Peter Leven and Wright also failed to test the Walsall keeper.
No matter that the index finger on his shooting hand was bandaged Tuesday night, no matter that he couldn't shoot straight for a half, Bryant was all the difference in the Lakers' 97-92 victory over the Knicks at Staples Center.
In the course of developing the oblique flying wing model the researchers made a number of important discoveries: Placing vertical stabilizers at each end of the flying wing caused it to twist and bend too much to control, so they mounted the stabilizers on just the trailing end; it is impossible to taxi the plane correctly without adding independently steered landing gear; allowing the engine exhaust to shoot straight back forced the wing into an immediate nose dive, so they added deflection vanes.