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THE DEFENSE The attending physician denied at trial that the patient had told her about the shooting pains down his spine during the posthospitalization visit.
Neuropathic pain is often characterized by burning sensations or shooting pain, or may occur as numbness or chronic itching.
A: Vulvodynia causes a burning or shooting pain in the vulva, the area around the vagina.
She had a shooting pain every time she tried to push off.
Disaster struck one afternoon in rehearsal, when Sara felt a shooting pain from her foot up to her calf.
I would get shooting pain through my pelvis when I hit a ball hard.
LAST char Strap gorg heel Af real foot T a tu my ano ca in There's a distinct risk that taking a turn in a pair of stilettos will throw my dodgy hip out, make me slip another disk or, at very least, cause shooting pain in my bunion.
It tends to affect the upper chest or underside of the arm, causing burning or shooting pain.
I want to tell people that with correct surgery, good diet and strong determination anything is possible," said Ponio, 48, a driver in a local organisation who could not even walk a stretch of 50 metres without feeling a shooting pain in his heart prior to the surgery which was conducted at the NMC Speciality Hospital on November 12 last year.
It would be OK punching but when my arm bent too much then I got a shooting pain up it.