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It would be OK punching but when my arm bent too much then I got a shooting pain up it.
The enlargement was the result of Mr Warren accidentally knocking his testicles while turning over in bed in 2008, which resulted in a sharp shooting pain that made the tissues around his scrotum swell.
PHN is a chronic disabling pain condition with symptoms often described as burning, stabbing, or shooting pain, and caused by a previous herpes zoster infection (commonly known as shingles).
He was suffering shooting pain, but it's settled down.
I could feel it but I finished the first period and then I had to stop - it was real shooting pain.
But in the second round, I got a sharp, shooting pain in my Achilles and knew I couldn't continue.
Whenever the shoulder blade goes back and retracts, I get absolutely shooting pain.
There was a shooting pain down my leg and I panicked,' he said.
When the immune system is weakened by age or disease, the virus springs to life, spurring an itchy, burning rash and a legacy of shooting pain that can last for years.
aching or shooting pain that travels from the shoulders to the hands and from the lower back to the buttocks, down the back of the legs to the soles of the feet
suffered shooting pain down her right leg caused by degenerative disc disease.
But he pulled out of training on Thursday with a shooting pain and scans have shown a small fragment has splintered off the main bone.