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Now we are told to be patriotic and not to shop around.
Yet and astonishing seven out of 10 people don't realise that they can shop around.
In the film, Ryan's Kathleen Kelly runs a small, lovingly operated children's bookstore called the Shop Around the Corner.
That means that at any time you can shop around - just as with car insurance - to make sure you get a good deal.
Women were more likely to shop around for a better mortgage when a discount rate ended, with 35 per cent regularly switching, as opposed to three in 10 men.
Stuart Bernau, executive director at Nationwide, said: 'It has been shown just how difficult it is to shop around for a good deal, but how can customers be expected to buy a product without knowing what it will cost them?
Shop around BASED on the AA's survey, the average comprehensive policy costs pounds 670 - but just pounds 437 if drivers shop around for cover.
Romantics looking for the perfect gift for their loved one this Valentine's Day are being advised to shop around to avoid being ripped off.
You've Got Mail'' is a shrewd update of Ernst Lubitsch's little-seen, 1940 charmer ``The Shop Around the Corner,'' which starred Stewart (making the Hanks casting even more of a slam dunk) and Margaret Sullavan as feuding clerks in a small curio shop who unknowingly fall in love through a lonely hearts club.
Shop around and don't go back to anyone trying to exploit the oil crisis for cash.
A third of Britons are victims of insurance inertia - losing out because they do not shop around for a better insurance policy each year.