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You brandished the axe to the shop assistant, and swung at him, demanding money.
DESPERATE The thief goes behind the counter, middle row far right, and slashes the shop assistant on the hand as he tries to escape by leaping over the counter.
They handed over PS1,000 in cash and as the suspect was leaving he collided with a wine display and another shop assistant and fled.
The shop assistant was attacked in Dagenham, East London, in the early hours of December 30 as she made her way home from her job.
An eagle-eyed shop assistant spotted the suspicious behaviour and tried to take the man's bag - but he punched the woman in the face and ran out of the store.
This is why we had to slash all the shoes before dumping them," said the shop assistant.
London, May 8 ( ANI ): Shop assistants who seem too eager to flatter would-be customers into buying that expensive dress, are more likely to insult them, a survey has revealed.
An example of this unique shop assistant has been implemented at the online retail outlet of the Spanish illustration, clothing and accessories company, Kukuxumusu (www.
He pointed the gun at the 21-year-old shop assistant and demanded money.
A SHOP assistant was threatened with a knife during an attempted robbery.
A RETIRED dinner lady was so shocked after finding out about her pounds 1 million win that she had to be driven home from the newsagents by a kindly shop assistant.
I'm an honest hardworking expat whose fun shopping experience gets ruined whenever I walk into one of the shops and a female (normally) shop assistant literally pokes her head over my shoulder to see what I'm doing.