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When selecting where to shop, 38 percent of Wannabes look for stores with clothes that fit them, compared to 11 percent who shop at locations carrying the latest fashion (See Figure C)
According to the study, 33 percent of Daredevils shop at value retailers for fashion items (See Figure D)
For 32 percent of adults classified as Daredevils, "best value" is the most important factor in selecting where to shop, while 29 percent shop at stores with clothes that fit them
DIY, the popular network that focuses on how-to projects for do-it-yourself enthusiasts, will loan Shop At Home Network its on-air cleaning authority, The Queen of Clean(R), to market various cleaning products - some of which will be exclusives to Shop At Home - and to share with viewers cleaning tips from her DIY special workshop, Spruce It Up with the Queen of Clean.
The Queen of Clean has created an exclusive cleaning kit for Shop At Home customers, comprised of a lamb's wool extendable duster, lamb's wool mitt, the palace potty puff, the Queen's apron and two of her best selling books.
Scripps would provide working capital for the new company to build the electronic retailing business that Shop At Home created and established.
Since the beginning of our executive involvement 15 months ago, Shop At Home has been presented with many potential strategic opportunities," said George R.
Under the agreement, Shop At Home programming will be accessible to DIRECTV customers on channel 234.
The addition of the Shop At Home Channel is a dynamic enhancement to DIRECTV's already robust programming lineup and enables us to broaden our product offering, giving customers a wider variety of quality programming," said Michael Thornton, senior vice president, Programming Acquisitions, DIRECTV, Inc.
Beginning in November, Shop At Home will host a monthly professional baseball program, which will be incorporated into the already popular Club Level format.
Under this agreement, Shop At Home gains involvement with the 2001 Big League Challenge, an annual home run hitting contest featuring Major League Baseball's top home run hitters, which will be broadcast live on ESPN.