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When selecting where to shop, 38 percent of Wannabes look for stores with clothes that fit them, compared to 11 percent who shop at locations carrying the latest fashion (See Figure C)
According to the study, 33 percent of Daredevils shop at value retailers for fashion items (See Figure D)
For 32 percent of adults classified as Daredevils, "best value" is the most important factor in selecting where to shop, while 29 percent shop at stores with clothes that fit them
I'm attracted by the opportunity to contribute to the unique vision being implemented at Shop At Home," Hanon said.
Shop At Home Network, a division of Scripps Networks, is a nationally televised home shopping service that sells merchandise through interactive electronic media, including broadcast, cable and satellite television.
Scripps Networks is comprised of the lifestyle television brands Home & Garden Television, Food Network, DIY-Do It Yourself Network, Fine Living, and electronic retailer Shop At Home Network.
This is a great expansion to the Shop At Home portfolio, not only in terms of the product offering, but in regard to introducing an on-air host who will instantly connect with the Shop At Home customer," said Frank Woods, president of Shop At Home.
She has a genuine presence that I have to think will appeal to the Shop At Home customer as well.
Scripps would provide working capital for the new company to build the electronic retailing business that Shop At Home created and established.
Since the beginning of our executive involvement 15 months ago, Shop At Home has been presented with many potential strategic opportunities," said George R.
Beginning in November, Shop At Home will host a monthly professional baseball program, which will be incorporated into the already popular Club Level format.
Under this agreement, Shop At Home gains involvement with the 2001 Big League Challenge, an annual home run hitting contest featuring Major League Baseball's top home run hitters, which will be broadcast live on ESPN.