shop with

See: patronize
References in classic literature ?
Claypole administered a kick to Oliver, and entered the shop with a dignified air, which did him great credit.
said old Smallways, regarding his youngest son from the sitting-room window over the green-grocer's shop with something between pride and reprobation.
From one of these fits of torpor he was aroused by the entrance of Annie Hovenden, who came into the shop with the freedom of a customer, and also with something of the familiarity of a childish friend.
The object of this last manoeuvre was only apparent, when his entering the shop with a sudden twist, from the steps again, explained that he had made a wide and obscure circuit round to the other, or Doyce and Clennam, end of the Yard, and had come through the Yard and bolted in.
If a return process required consumers to travel to a mail center or drop box, only 13 percent of adults who shop from home would be very likely to shop with the retailer again.
Consumers Can Shop With Confidence from Brand Name Stores
QCommerce is available in three different versions: with QCommerce Starter, the user can set up a complete online shop with up to 25 items for free.