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The Guide to Shopping historicizes our (ever more homogenized) no-brow brandscape as it channels its performative shtick.
Shopping online has saved him hundreds of dollars, but that's not his only motivation.
As a result of the transformation of private shopping malls into virtual public squares, mall owners must now make decisions normally reserved for government officials.
The coexistence of fashionable shopping districts with flea markets and trading rows was not uniquely Russian.
That the two channels, and a host of smaller rivals, could do so well runs counter to conventional wisdom, for in an age of ironic, sophisticated advertising, the home shopping pitch seems amateurish.
Television and computer shopping is expected to become far more interactive, with consumers able to call up product categories at will and even put their own images on the screen to "try on" clothing, for instance, and get a better idea of how they will look in the actual garment.
Despite continuing consumer preference for shopping in centers in 1990, however, developers faced unprecedented difficulty in securing credit for new construction, ICSC said.
And based on their online shopping experience this year, 66% plan to shop online more during the 2007 holiday season.
I started shopping by catalog four years ago, and I always find a wide selection of high-quality products.
Prior to Thanksgiving, Mondays were the biggest online shopping day of the week; that pattern continued both on Cyber Monday and the two following Mondays.
Still in its infancy, the electronic retailing industry includes TV home shopping, infomercials and computer online shopping.