short supply

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Dwindling stocks with ginners are resulting in short supply of quality cotton.
The rule making executes modifications to the Short Supply controls provisions of the EAR and Commerce Control List (including removing ECCN 1C981) that came into effect in December 2015, under the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016.
and Public Health Department officials here on Friday the DC directed that Gajra Wah Water Works feeder should be declared free of load shedding and voltage at QUEST feeder be stabilised so that any interruption in water supply to citizens could be prevented and problem of short supply of water could be overcome for the convenience of people.
The apex bank of Trinidad has confirmed that foreign exchange is in short supply.
While this year's shortage has left many without the care they needed, it is not as critical as the 2011 drug shortage, which left more than 250 drugs in short supply and threatened the lives of cancer patients.
DigiTimes writes, "A reduction in the first batch of shipments of new iPhones may result in a short supply, which in turn may trigger a buying spree for the new models in the fourth quarter as well as in the first half of 2013, commented market watchers.
Shantharam said there are several issues and complexities with regard to short supply of Bt cotton seeds.
Aside from being in short supply, there simply aren't enough people undergoing electrical training in order to replace those retiring from industry.
synonyms: rare, scarce, and uncommon mean being in short supply.
But since warm afternoons are in short supply for the next few months, get your mates round and plug this into your telly.
Quality housing is in extremely short supply in the Bronx today and through our collective efforts we intend to enhance the environment for residents of this historic borough and its underlying neighborhoods.
In Los Angeles, where femininity is never in short supply, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art tackles a broader study of rebellion with "Breaking the Mode: Contemporary Fashion From the Permanent Collection," running until January 7.