short supply

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The apex bank of Trinidad has confirmed that foreign exchange is in short supply.
While this year's shortage has left many without the care they needed, it is not as critical as the 2011 drug shortage, which left more than 250 drugs in short supply and threatened the lives of cancer patients.
DigiTimes writes, "A reduction in the first batch of shipments of new iPhones may result in a short supply, which in turn may trigger a buying spree for the new models in the fourth quarter as well as in the first half of 2013, commented market watchers.
Aside from being in short supply, there simply aren't enough people undergoing electrical training in order to replace those retiring from industry.
The cells, collected from donors, have been in such short supply (SN: 6/19//04, p.
Despite having higher apartment vacancy rates and lower interest rates for home ownership, affordable rental housing continues to be in short supply, according to the Where's Home?
However, it requires dexterity and hand strength to remove and replace the cap, something that is in short supply as the population ages and gas caps require more force to seal OBO2-compliant systems.
The aftermath of the hurricane saw many homes and businesses destroyed, electrical power gone, and the basic necessities of life in short supply.
Brutal and vicious characters and action are in no short supply in Pelecanos's novels, but neither are decent, noble, even heroic ones.
Such scrap, however, is now in very short supply and obtainable only at high and rising prices," the petition concludes.
Application: Kenaf bark pulp may be a suitable raw material for newsprint and specialty papers in countries where wood resources for fiber are in short supply.
STRONG demand and short supply remain characteristics of Birmingham's office market, according to a new report by Jones Lang LaSalle.