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The special guest is Martin Short, who might have a short temper but doesn't seem to have any expertise as a potential irate soccer dad.
David Jones, prosecuting, said Glover, who gave birth to Shane in April last year, had a short temper and, although she was on occasions affectionate towards the child she also, in temper, frequently assaulted him.
Actress Beverley Callard has spent nine years in the top soap playing Liz, famed for her short temper and even shorter skirts.
London, Mar 30 (ANI): Elizabeth Hurley has said that she has a short temper and can blow her top in traffic congestion, flight delays and even air fresheners.
Leary - whose dad John and mum Nora were born in Ireland - has a reputation for having a short temper.
Derek Laud, 40, 20/1 HIS short temper and late night cereal binge contradicts his waffle on the importance of respect, but he's entertaining
My parents suffered the same symptoms I am suffering: anxiety, loss of sleep, short temper and frustration.
A man with a short temper murdered an eight-month-old boy when he was left alone with the "grizzly" child, a court heard yesterday.
We also used to call him the BFG and he had a short temper at times.
Keegan has decided that Barton's short temper is too much of a risk and favours Paul Bosvelt and Claudio Reyna.
GORDON RAMSAY: Famed for perfectionism and a short temper,Ramsay was seen losing his cool as temperatures soared in his kitchen.
In it, pressures from all directions finally conspire to attack Ben Gideon (Andre Braugher), the otherwise stalwart physician who tonight trades in his soaring rhetoric beseeching the genuine care of patients for a short temper and a steady supply of antacids.

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