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If you're thinking about scoring short-handed goals most times you're going to get burned because you're thinking offense,'' said forward Chris Kelly, a long-time contributor on the penalty kill.
Knowing how to play in short-handed games can also be applied to multi-table tournaments as you will need to be a very good short- handed player to defeat the final few.
Patrice Bergeron scored a short-handed goal and Hamilton tallied at 6:42 of the second period to pull Boston even, 3-3.
At the start of the final period Joe Walls slid a shot under the keeper for yet another short-handed goal.
But the home side were then forced to play short-handed for 10 minutes following the sending-off of Callum Pattison, but the only goal would come from Whitley.
Elsewhere around the league, Team Jay C beat a no-show Team John C 4-0 (2,439-0), while Team Mina ousted a short-handed Team Equinox 4-0 (2,820-2,672), despite the week high series of 705 scored by Equinox ace Ariel Gagui.
Marchant gave Anaheim a lift by scoring short-handed midway through the first period after Evgeni Malkin gave the puck away, but the Ducks couldn't solve Marc-Andre Fleury again until Teemu Selanne scored his 10th late in the third.
To cap it all John Craighead added another short-handed goal, and Blaze's Ashley Tait was ejected for arguing about it.
Even more important, it will reduce the amount of time my employees are away from the shop and therefore prevent me from being short-handed as much.
The visitors scored twice while killing penalties and their second short-handed goal, by Brendan Shinnimin at 15:15 of the second period, turned out to be the game winner.
It's been a tough run and we have been short-handed but we have to stay positive.
19 - which came when Vipers were short-handed - separated the sides.