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Our leaders were so short-sightedly smart that they even thought Bengalis were not physically fit to be recruited in the armed forces so much so that when Pak Air Force pilot MM Alam was awarded Sitara-i-Jur'at, the then President Ayub Khan was angry after knowing that the famed pilot was a Bengali.
For the US has been selectively - and short-sightedly -irradiating only parts of the cancer that Al Qaeda represents, while leaving the malignant growth of Saudi Wahabism and Salafism untouched.
Short-sightedly, US policy towards Yemen continues to be shaped by concerns about terrorism, and very little else.
But we will urge the Government not to put jobs at risk in the North East by short-sightedly cutting pounds 34m in investment in the renewable energy and electric car sectors.
The High Court's finding for the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006, short-sightedly enacted by a Labour government, was apparently only because the government is bringing forward a review of the default retirement age to next year.
Another former Renault F1 driver, Derek Warwick, is equally short-sightedly ridiculous in his assessment of the situation that shocked not only motorsport but world sport in general.
We would act short-sightedly if we do not join this process of re-thinking and changes taking into account our situation and national interests.
Unfortunately, and short-sightedly, expenditure on developing new skills has already become the first victim of the recession.
By excluding legislators from participating in the creation and design of CIRM, the framers of Prop 71 were short-sightedly taunting the state's most powerful and skillful political players.