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ATA's analysis does not factor in the impact of federal regulations -- like electronic logging -- on the shortage.
The app is free and can be downloaded via iTunes for Apple devices and the Google Play store for Android devices, searching for "FDA Drug Shortages.
The app identifies current drug shortages, resolved shortages and discontinuations of drug products.
Indian press reports in recent years like "India: Desperately Seeking Talent" (4) shows the ongoing shortage of skilled professionals, echoing concerns expressed at the various levels of the supply and demand mismatch in the country.
RESOLVED, That the Tennessee Nurses Association strive to work with the Center for Health Workforce Development and state government to identify and obtain funding to support a statewide master plan to address the shortage of nursing faculty and to reduce and eliminate salary disparities among nurse clinicians and faculty in Tennessee; and to be it further
The full ISPE Drug Shortages event schedule for 2014 includes:
ASH continued its advocacy as Congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle developed the drug shortage provisions in the FDA Safety and Innovation Act of 2012 and, in a rare showing of bipartisanship, brought this legislation to life.
The drug shortage situation has gotten so dire that the President has had to step in and recently ordered the FDA to take new steps to quell the crisis .
The Preserving Access to Life-Saving Medications Act, requiring drug manufacturers to provide the FDA with early notification of any incident that might result in drug shortage, was introduced in February 2011.
Such a list must identify the different occupations--based on the different sectors--where there is a shortage of skilled workers in Namibia.
A lot of people say this is the worst shortage in 30 years," says Michael Alkire, president of Premier Purchasing Partners, which serves about 2,400 hospitals and 70,000 nonacute care providers nationwide.
7 -- Pakistani economists have expressed apprehensions that the recent floods could create food shortage in the country which has to double its efforts for meeting growing needs of the growing population.