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This means those who are seeking shortcuts to success are looking for the elusive.
CRM magazine: You emphasize in the book that someone shouldn't be a pushover in order to be a shortcut.
There are many more shortcuts you can use to save time.
25 for cell phone directory assistance--to know shortcuts to routine word processing and PC tasks?
Like standard shortcuts, creating a folder shortcut in a Cabinet is as simple as dragging the desired folder directly from Windows Explorer into the desired Cabinet.
Together with Bailey, the pair wondered whether pi also has a shortcut formula.
Divcom Software Active Tray, is a utility that lets users customize how a system tray looks and offers access to all documents, folders, interact addresses, programs and shortcuts.
For example, Upslash+B is the shortcut to Beam; Up-slash+C corresponds to Cut.
A SHORTCUT is a special kind of icon that allows you to perform an action without having to go through the usual procedure of opening menus and sub-menus.
Hastings had touted a shortcut to California in his 1845 bestseller The Emigrants Guide to Oregon and California.
Scroll the pop-up menu and select NEW and then SHORTCUT.
Also, when I use a search engine from a Favourite shortcut on the desktop, I get this error: "Windows cannot find NEO.