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The proposal would shorten the settlement cycle to two days, or T+2.
Belfast Magistrates heard Shorten met the girl online last year.
The Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (TB Alliance) is a not-for-profit, public-private partnership accelerating the discovery and/or development of affordable, new anti-TB drugs that will shorten treatment, be effective against multi-drug resistant strains, and improve treatment of latent infection.
Shorten had turned off the air compressor and removed the nail cartridge prior to the incident.
Also available are collaborative implementation services that serve to shorten the OEM's time-to-market.
The horse they shorten is the one they have taken significant money on, a point that Lee conveniently chooses to ignore.
We can also use the crack scheme to shorten the flank from two-back sets.
2) Space main scaffold limbs apart--remove or shorten nearby branches.
A newly enhanced fluoroelastomer processing aid has been shown to shorten cycle time and improve gloss in HDPE blow molding.
Achieving a seamless flow of data from computer aided design part models to equipment on the factory floor is a key requirement to shorten product cycles.
Shorten and Hooven set out to assess the relationship between 168 preschool children attending Philadelphia Head Start programs and various methods used to determine their exposure to lead in their classrooms.
Whether it be to save money by reducing monthly payments, to shorten the term of a mortgage or to increase the liquidity of an asset, now is the time to refinance.