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Elizabeth would have been startled and embarrassed if she could have read his thoughts, for they might have suggested to her that she was becoming a great deal fonder of Bill than the shortness of their acquaintance warranted.
She mentioned her name, and she added that the shortness of her stay in London prevented her from giving any longer notice to the eminent philanthropist whom she addressed.
Some little disappointment, caused by the unsatisfactory shortness of Miss Halcombe's letter, mingled itself with these feelings, and contributed its share towards upsetting my serenity for the day.
My visiting time is later this year than usual, for I have been rather troubled with shortness of breath, and so put it off till the weather was fine and warm.
Mr Flintwinch, who had spun backward some two or three yards under the impetus last given to him, brought himself up with a face completely unchanged in its stolidity except as it was affected by shortness of breath, and looked hard at Arthur.
That's what my mother says about her shortness o' breath,--she says she's made friends wi't now, though she fought again' it sore when it just come on.
The gene for tallness is strong and dominates the gene for shortness which is weak.
The study by researchers at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Department of Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Disorders found that lung function, shortness of breath, and inflammation all showed significant improvement after patients completed 12 weeks of training.
Zahra Mahroon was rushed to RAK Hospital, complaining of severe upper backache and shortness of breath.
Summary: When the young, newlywed Emirati Zahra Marhoon came to Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Hospital emergency room complaining of severe upper backache and shortness of breath, little did she and her family members know that she was suffering from life-threatening coronary artery disease.
The late-breaking BLAZE study included patient self-reported data that demonstrated improvements in shortness of breath with investigational once-daily QVA149 (indacaterol maleate 110 mcg / glycopyrronium 50 mcg) when compared to placebo and blinded tiotropium 18 mcg.
Two independent validation studies demonstrate that Pronota's biomarker CD146 significantly improves the diagnosis of acute heart failure for patients with shortness of breath.