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Once again the bias to the Welsh language by the Welsh Government has shown how insular and shortsighted our elected leaders are.
It was very shortsighted of them to think that the fishermen around the world would be so easily fooled.
Talking to reporters here on Tuesday, Rahul blamed shortsighted political vision for the sorry state of affairs in the State.
Pouncing on this news as an "opportunity" afforded by climate change is shortsighted - because while there may be more hours of summer sun, there are also likely to be more inches of winter rain, and (as you point out in your report), a rising sea level.
The researchers concluded that there appeared to be a link between glaucoma and heavy computer use in shortsighted people.
The governor, the speaker of the Assembly and even members of the commission itself have expressed dismay at this shortsighted plan.
A disturbing look at shortsighted species conservation efforts, the dire need to protect species by preserving their habitat, and human hubris as it trifles with the sacred.
The flip argument that the only responsibility of a company is to produce what the consumer wants is just plain shortsighted, and it is a mindset that The Progressive and others must continually work to change.
I think Wilson is being very shortsighted about the whole issue.
But any gains in reducing population increase have been wiped out by a shortsighted immigration policy that benefits only greedy businesses and selfish politicians who go after the "immigrant vote" like sharks go after raw meat.
All that Washington seems capable of is knee-jerk, shortsighted reactions.
An engineer, accident expert and advisor to Delphi, Atkinson believes the current focus on reducing vehicle crash fatalities alone is shortsighted.