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Howley ought to check herself before lambasting an industry continually threatened by the long arms of the law and the shortsightedness of its critics.
Written by Christel Fiore, a German child who lived through World War II prior to her marriage to a serviceman and immigration to America, Child of War is a firsthand accounting of memories--memories of chronic food shortages that nearly led to the author's starvation, memories of a stoically dysfunctional and patriarchal family that made decisions about her life without consulting her, memories of her own shortsightedness, illogic, and thoughtless cruelty, and memories of the sister whose struggle to survive was even more difficult.
The shortsightedness of the Israeli government is too much like the current administration here.
In that same time, however, each of the domestic automakers has decimated its product planning function, eliminated divisional autonomy, chased profit at the expense of long-term health, and let Wall Street's shortsightedness determine the time horizon for an industry that can't turn on a dime.
The UHW has always had a parking problem due to the shortsightedness of planners.
Sometimes, misunderstanding, shortsightedness, and lack of vision can create real life situations.
What is behind the shortsightedness that leads to staff underutilization?
By reading the industry publications, I have become sensitized to the shortsightedness and culture of doom and dependency that seem to be rampant in long-term care.
The task force has recommended a challenging alternative to the shortsightedness it perceives in Risk's call for reform, proffering three broad areas for action: accountability, transparency, and choice.
Highly refined starches have also been blamed for causing shortsightedness and diabetes.
terrorism can be triggered by the shortsightedness of American foreign policy.
A FEW years ago I decided to have laser surgery to correct my shortsightedness.