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Yep, it's your typical shouty Italian movie, though this time presented with sharp humor and an effortless cinematic verity by director Daniele Luchetti.
Part dance music, part political rant, and part rock cabaret, the vocals are mellifluous folk melodies or venomous raps that contrast with clever, shouty choruses.
Same set, songs, dancers, lighting, pyrotechnics, shouty intros and sycophantic host.
David Cameron, meanwhile, giving a speech in London, was flushed and shouty.
e 43-year-old mum of four - whose creations include rhymes such as Shouty Shawn, Mum Take a Bow and Can't Stop Me
There's been a lot of criticism about shouty debates so I was determined not to get involved in that.
Dom tells Weekend magazine: "Although we thought the sketches were funny a lot of people thought I was just a big shouty bloke with a huge phone.
THE first series of The Mimic was so low-key and diffident I feared the powers-that-be, perhaps blinded by more shouty, look at us
EMMERDALE (7pm ITV) DAN gets all shouty and finger-pointy at his brother Daz tonight.
HOLBY CITY (8pm BBC1) A PROFESSIONAL footballer ends up in AAU tonight after crashing his Porsche, and he's swiftly followed by his shouty agent who's turned up to make sure his client gets the best.
EMMERDALE (7pm ITV) DONNA'S back in Emmerdale tonight and when April discovers that "the big tall shouty man" called Marlon is her daddy, it's time for some big decisions.
Boomtown Rats Shouty old Bob Geldof is back with his band for the first time since 1986.