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Most recently, Shover was with retail electricity provider TXU Energy, where he managed finance, strategy and merger and acquisition matters related to TXU's commercial business.
Shover, Neal, John Lynxwiler, Stephen Groce, and Donald Clelland.
Murphy [1955, 160], Shover [1965], and Perkins [1969, 37-44].
scams involving setting up dummy ATM machines to capture the credit card details of unsuspecting victims (see Shover 1996).
The coupon ads run in different sections so "if a reader missed the first ad in one section, they pick it up, generally, in another section," said Lisa Shover, a partner of the K Group.
See also, for example, the articles gathered in the "Into and Out of Deviant Careers" section of Soc Problems 31,2, (1983) -- especially Adler and Adler (1983) and Shover (1983) -- and Luckenbill and Best (1981) on problems with the deviant "career" notion.
In this book, options expert Larry Shover skillfully addresses how to use historical volatility to predict future volatility for a security, or the implied volatility, and offers suggestions for dealing with that odd feature of options trading known as skew.
They also helped raise millions for Elgin nonprofits including not only Gail Borden, Cornerstone and Judson but also the Community Crisis Center, the YMCA and its Camp Edwards, the YWCA, the Elgin Symphony, Jayne Shover Easter Seals Center, the Boys and Girls Club, and others.
It is this new understanding of who one wants to be that leads to the effort to intentionally change; or, as Neal Shover put it, "This new perspective symbolizes a watershed in [offenders'] lives.
Minnich said the matter is still under investigation, and that police discovered Shover apparently has other charges pending in Clinton District Court when they processed the arrest.