show contempt for

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How, then, could I show contempt for those who surrounded her?
Deputy spokesman Victoras Papadopoulos subsequently responded on behalf of the president who said the institution of the presidency was protected when the president did not show contempt for institutions such as the justice system.
Just why is Manchester City paying PS100million of good money for a 20-year-old balloonblowing, shisha-smoking, womanising (although thankfully not womanbeating as TWO separate court cases proved), greedy, rude oik who has done nothing but show contempt for his bosses and fans at Liverpool?
There can be no greater way to show contempt for the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
These crimes show contempt for older people who should be able to live in dignity and security, free of exploitation and any type of abuse.
Scammers are one thing, but to vilify and show contempt for genuine cases is personally and politically debased.
From January 30 pictures from courses - including many top ones - will not be available in the likes of Hills and Ladbrokes as the major players continue to show contempt for their customers by refusing to pay the commercial rate for the new picture service from Turf TV.
Not only does the New Labour party in England show contempt for Wales but also for their party in Wales.
Matthew Elliott, of the Tax Payers Alliance, said: "When members of the public are having to tighten their belts, MPs should not show contempt for taxpayers by receiving inflation-busting increases in expenses form the public purse.
The book Satanic Verses has done nothing but show contempt for inter-faith relations and improving community liaisons.
The warning comes amid proposals to take a tougher line on those who show contempt for the court by deliberately missing their own cases.
Aderholt and Allard's actions show contempt for American constitutional principles," said AU's Lynn.