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Barium swallow studies that show contrast extravasation from the gastrointestinal tract into the pericardial sac are diagnostic and demand immediate intervention (6).
1-5) The dura underlying the tumour might show contrast enhancement; this is thought to be due to either dural irritation by the tumour or to dural invasion by tumour cells.
These are followed by presentation of two religious conversion tales (one presented only in summary), chosen so as to show contrast between the two oral poets.
Chhathare Limbu and Athpahariya consonants show contrast in voicing, aspiration, place of articulation and manner of articulation.
Taiwan, the packaging evokes two different images--violent and serene--to show contrast between noisy environment and sensory perception.
Suggest they draw lightly at first, and as they get the shape down, draw a little darker to show contrast.
Further investigations included interval MR scan which showed unchanged appearances of the multiple confluent periventricular hyperintensities (Figure 1), which did not show contrast enhancement; no cortical or basal ganglia lesions were seen.
Most other cerebellar masses destroy the folial pattern and show contrast enhancement.
This survey is necessary since it serves to show contrast with Gula's work.
And I see a lot of furniture finishes in frames, such as two-tone frames on the same frame with different types of wood used to show contrast.