show determination

See: adhere, persist
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Their stories show determination in the face of unimaginable loss and hardship which instill an appreciation for the textiles themselves and for the strong people who create them.
The post Greece should show determination in implementing reforms -- Germany's Steinmeier appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The president of Lebanese university referred to signing of memoranda of understanding with many Iranian universities and research centers and said these documents show determination in the two countries to develop bilateral scientific and technological cooperation.
He called Tunisians to show determination and courage to crown this process with success, a statement posted on the Facebook of the German Embassy in Tunis reads.
Liverpool Tigers trailed by 19 points at half-time, but the young side continued to show determination, eventually losing the game to a more experienced side 98-27.
The winner of this year's pageant needs to be energetic, courageous and show determination in all her tasks".
Of the headteacher, leaders and governing body, it said: "All show determination in driving forward improvements, including successfully improving the quality of teaching.
To get those points, you have to show determination, you have to show that bit of fight in adversity.
In his conferenc speech, he will say: "Unless we act, unless we take difficult decisions, unless we show determination and imagination Britain will not be in the future what it was in the past.
With qualifying for the International Flora Exposition judged by AIPH and to show determination, Z.
The hosts continued to show determination and a 28-3 lead at the interval provided the platform for success.
Eroglu said he expected the UN chief to show determination for a deadline in talks going on since September 2008.