show disapproval

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EVENTS 1960: Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschchev thumps his desk and interrupts UN speeches to show disapproval.
I WENT to Walton Hall Park with a large number of local residents to show disapproval for the proposals to build a stadium for EFC, and houses and shops in the park.
The objection is verbalised and voiced to show disapproval including the use of the body language.
You may not be able to stop the arguments your loved ones are having, but you can step away to show disapproval.
In a boycott someone stops buying something or visiting a place they like in order to show disapproval.
01) and non-poolers show disapproval more frequently than poolers ([p.
The court asserted that the resolution was meant to protect gay and lesbian couples from discrimination, not to show disapproval of Catholicism.
John Sawers, the British ambassador to the UN, said the Islamic Republic had been whipped by the UN membership to show disapproval of its conduct.
For months, the French president had left open the possibility of boycotting the event to show disapproval of China's violent crackdown on Tibet after riots and protests there in March.
The use of powerful language to show disapproval of the unacceptable and intolerable actions may suffice.
If we're rude to them, ignore them when they speak, mutter behind their backs at the way they dress and show disapproval at everything they do - or think they might do - we are the disrespectful generation.
But, for attitudes to change, society must show disapproval of this behaviour.