show disrespect

See: humiliate
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The 88-year old Ramos said he did not want to show disrespect to Duterte but 'you have to consider my increasing age.
The problem with the exercise at Florida Atlantic University is that it asked students to show disrespect toward a figure they likely personally admire.
According to him, the reactions show disrespect for the institution of Bulgaria's President.
The Anfield way is not to show disrespect to those who have served before you.
MULTAN, March 05, 2012 (Balochistan Times): Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Sunday that people should reject those who show disrespect to their mandate and the parliament.
But Mancini also vowed that the holders will not do anything to show disrespect to the FA Cup.
The revelations not only show disrespect to our fallen soldiers and their families but also their comrades who continue to put their lives in danger for everyone, including those responsible for these appalling acts.
The occasional show disrespect for the head of state is a sign of a healthy democracy, even though we do not expect communist deputies, taught to hero-worship their leader, to agree.
These misleading stories show disrespect to the victims of the October 31 attack.
Ola's appearance contradicts her recent statements that she refused to wear any outfit in the drama that may show disrespect for the holy month and the moral values it holds.
And until a conversation that comes differently, we don't give him another thought because we can't - it would show disrespect for the current group that are here.
The committee members called the absence of both officers "a deliberate attempt to show disrespect to parliament", and took it as a direct violation of parliament's orders.