show evidence

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Further, it is not surprising that ancient Zapotecan, Mayan, Incan, and other ruins show evidence of earthquake damage, as the areas in which these people lived are seismically active.
Any man desiring to ejaculate will have to file for a permit and show evidence that his wife is expected to ovulate.
Prosecutors were waiting to see if coroner and neuropathology reports would show evidence to support an allegation of murder by torture against Romero in Jasmine's death.
In western Africa, for example, nearly all people show evidence of aflatoxin exposure in their blood.
But both are so fine-tuned and complex that they show evidence of intelligent design.
This research began in search of ideal coastal fresh water ponds where sediment cores that show evidence of sand layers from sand dune over wash events could be used as evidence of past storms.
Their results indicate that otherwise-healthy lifelong canine residents show evidence of changes in the frontal cortex, hippocampus, and olfactory bulb, compared to dogs from a nonpolluted rural area.
The 1985 court decree, named after one of the activists listed in the original suit, had required the NYPD to show evidence of criminal activity and to go through an external authority before it would be allowed to initiate surveillance such as infiltration, wiretapping, or recording political views.
The radiologic appearance of a mandibular osteosarcoma is similar to that of a conventional osteosarcoma; both show evidence of an osteoid matrix, aggressive periosteal reaction, and soft-tissue extension.
Painstakingly imperfect, they show evidence of long, and possibly tedious, hours of production.
The blind riser may also show evidence of being solid with no shrink seen at the contact.
Service-oriented organizations and companies that offer service level agreements (SLA) require accurate time-stamping to show evidence of timely customer resolution.