show improvement

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Grose that, should the evening show improvement, we would attend together the late service.
In October, a proposed settlement was reached in a nationwide lawsuit that challenged the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' (CMS) practice of denying Medicare coverage to people unable to show improvement after certain skilled care services.
ANDY MURRAY launches his singles campaign at the Internazionali BNL d'Italia in Rome today confident he can show improvement on clay.
Locally, criticism about the reform has largely been that it sweeps special education students into its parameters with expectations that all students show improvement, even when it isn't likely.
To ensure that no one cheats, a parent or coach must sign off on the workouts and students must show improvement on the fitness test they take at the end of the semester.
This combination is also said to show improvement in flex fatigue.
Several nonresidential project types were able to show improvement during August.
The Middle East should show improvement as Arabian Gulf countries reap the rewards of increased oil prices.
When the 1991 figures are presented to the federal government, they will show improvement.
While Elizabeth's math grade, a C, has not improved over the past nine weeks, Merritt says he believes Elizabeth's FCAT scores will show improvement.
The lowest-scoring middle school in Burbank, and the only school not to show improvement, was Luther Burbank Middle School.
We are hoping that our elementary grades will show improvement that is consistent with what the Stanford 9 is showing us.