show itself

See: appear, arise, occur
References in classic literature ?
In his hands sin suffered no dramatic punishment; it did not always show itself as unhappiness, in the personal sense, but it was always unrest, and without the hope of peace.
If she survive, the tender- ness will either be crushed out of her, or -- and the outward semblance is the same -- crushed so deeply into her heart that it can never show itself more.
Roque went back, while Don Quixote remained on horseback, just as he was, waiting for day, and it was not long before the countenance of the fair Aurora began to show itself at the balconies of the east, gladdening the grass and flowers, if not the ear, though to gladden that too there came at the same moment a sound of clarions and drums, and a din of bells, and a tramp, tramp, and cries of "Clear the way there
The warning of a coming outbreak began to show itself in her face.
The savage element in humanity--let the modern optimists who doubt its existence look at any uncultivated man (no matter how muscular), woman (no matter how beautiful), or child (no matter how young)--began to show itself furtively in his eyes, to utter itself furtively in his voice.
Assuming for a moment, that he WAS overworked; it would show itself in some renewal of this disorder?
And what is there to wonder at in that, since I had succeeded in so corrupting myself, since I was so out of touch with "real life," as to have actually thought of reproaching her, and putting her to shame for having come to me to hear "fine sentiments"; and did not even guess that she had come not to hear fine sentiments, but to love me, because to a woman all reformation, all salvation from any sort of ruin, and all moral renewal is included in love and can only show itself in that form.
It took its direction towards the body in a straight line; and a few seconds after, life began to show itself in the man.
It shall never show itself again; it shall be a secret that dies with me.
I think we have competition for that particular role to show itself.
Summary: Ben Affleck and Argo were not the only big winners at Sunday's Golden Globes, the show itself scored big numbers in the ratings.
15am on January 21 next year at 76 Charlotte Street, looking forward to the show itself, which is now confirmed as being held on April 9-11 2011.