show manner

See: comport
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6 used to show manner or purpose <I'm in a hurry.
The Jazz" in a distinctly Fast Show manner might get a little irritating, but to have a national digital radio station backed by the strong business sense of the Classic FM crew is good for jazz fans, and a reminder to the nation as a whole that, in fact, it likes jazz a lot more than it sometimes cares to admit.
It's vital you show manners to everyone you deal with this week, because it's the very faces you think don't hold the power who actually have the ability to make your working life great again.
They should show manners and demonstrate high discipline and patience during their duty, stressed the SSP Traffic while addressing the Traffic Police personnel at the Police Line Hall here the other day.
Either way show manners please, others are watching.
LEO July 24 - August 23 Don't make work too competitive, as friends can be made if you can show manners and class.
Phone to hear why it will pay to show manners this week.
Phone now to hear why it will pay to show manners today.
Call now to hear why it will pay dividends to show manners.
We have to show manners and respect, and bow to our opponents.
Phone me now to hear why it will pay to show manners today.
Call me now to hear why it's vital you show manners today.