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Generally used as a symbol of peace, the white poppy is meant to show opposition to war and violence.
SINGER Charlotte Church and a band of protesters gathered in the centre of Cardiff last night to show opposition to the Budget announced by Chancellor George Osborne.
Bassam Hammoud, the Jamaa politburo chief in south Lebanon, told The Daily Star that the move was made to show opposition to Bou Saab's decision, alleging the minister had political and religious motives.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Ahead of the June parliamentary elections, speculation is once again on the rise in the Turkish capital that embattled President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an and his allies in the government will likely orchestrate yet another wave of sex tape leaks that will show opposition figures as well as dissenters within the ruling party in flagrante delicto in order to sully the reputation of challengers and trump any real political debate in the nation.
Saturday's protests can be a huge response with people coming from right across the country to Dublin to say 'No' to political policing, to defend the right to protest, to show opposition to the criminalisation of protesters and the jailing of protesters and to demand their immediate release.
Nurses and midwives joined workers from other New South Wales unions and members of the public in a mass rally outside Sydney Town Hall on Sunday 6 July, before flooding the streets of the CBD in a march to show opposition to the Abbott government's hostile attacks on Medicare, education and other social services.
Dr Riyadh Moosa said it was a duty for Omanis to support Palestine and show opposition to the Israeli occupation, both as fellow Arabs and as Muslims.
The purpose of the protest is to raise awareness of the impacts of illegal immigration and to show opposition to the administration's handling of the recent border surge of illegal alien youth.
Najdallah called for Mahdi's immediate release and announced an "alert" for Umma's supporters to peacefully show opposition to his arrest.
Indian shares surged to a record high and the rupee rallied to its strongest in 10 months on rising hopes that exit polls later on Monday will likely show opposition challenger Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its allies winning a majority in the election.
The latest polls show opposition to the law continues to hover near an all-time high.
Supporters' group The Sky Blue Trust has received permission from the city council to stage a one-mile march into the heart of the city to show opposition to the club's plans to play their home games at Northampton Town's Sixfields stadium - 35 miles away.