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Specifically, the majority who believe that their present energy supplier would show preference to current customers over companies that switched suppliers remains unchanged from six months ago.
SHOW PREFERENCE BY GENRE DEMOCRATS: UNDECIDEDS: Comedy Comedy -- Will and Grace (NBC) - 33% -- My Wife & Kids (ABC)- 43% -- Quints (FOX) - 30% -- Friends (NBC) - 39% -- 2 1/2 Men (CBS)- 27% -- King of Queens (CBS) - 36% Drama Drama -- Judging Amy (CBS) - 32% -- CSI: Miami (CBS) - 37% -- Crossing Jordan (NBC) - 31% -- Jag (CBS) - 36% -- Law and Order (NBC)/Monk (USA) - 30% -- Law & Order: SVU (NBC) - 35% Reality Reality -- Extreme Makeover (ABC) - 26% -- Fear Factor (NBC) - 46% -- For Love or Money (NBC) - 22% -- Who Wants to Marry My Dad?
VARs and dealers continued to show preference for clones and house brands as the "Other PCs" category held the leading market share in both those channels over the top brands.
Among the problems described for the committee were the scarcity of beds for Medicaid-eligible applicants, the shortage of nursing homes and the lack of homes owned or operated by minorities, the belief among many in and outside of the nursing home field that "minorities take care of their own elderly," and the ability of homes run by sectarian or fraternal organizations to show preference to applicants who share their religious beliefs or who belong to their fraternal organization.
The DNR hopes to pinpoint any new areas where manatees show preference, so these territories, too, may be protected from threats such as boat traffic," said Odell.
Both prepaid and postpaid billing plans are available in all countries of the world, but cultural factors, economic issues, and the business models historically invoked when voice and text communications services were first introduced to a geographical region show preference for one billing model over the other.
Agriculture Minister, Nicos Kouyialis said yesterday, calling on consumers to show preference for local goods.
When exposed to butterflies with four brilliant ultraviolet-reflecting spots for only three hours, females no longer show preference for the type of males found in the wild.
Executive Director Kathleen MacRae said the ruling states "very clearly that a government body, such as a school board, cannot show preference for one faith above all others.
The report states the capital needs to compete on an infrastructural level with Dubai before people will show preference to living here.
The report identifies that the capital needs to compete on an infrastructural level with Dubai before people will show preference to living there.
In early October 2006, for example, a student journalist for UCLA's newspaper The Daily Bruin wrote in a satire that if we're going to blame anyone for the lack of diversity, "I say we blame the Asians" After all, he argues, "Using grades and test scores as a measure of academic success is dearly just a way to show preference to Asian-American students, who are better at both, and thus promote the status quo.