show signs of

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Even Julian's patience began to show signs of yielding.
Norah's self-control began to show signs of failing her.
His people, however, were not equally satisfied by a regulation of trade which worked so manifestly against them, and began to show signs of discontent.
I will show you how to secure the ape should he show signs of rebellion during the trip.
At that moment I noticed that the black I had dropped with my fist was commencing to show signs of returning consciousness.
The instant I heard the notice I quitted the city with my servant, who now began to show signs of wavering in his fidelity to me, and the same night, for fear of discovery, we entered the most thickly wooded part of these mountains.
The walls are crumbling about our ears, and provisions begin to fail us," continued Heyward, without regarding the new burst of indignation; "even the men show signs of discontent and alarm.
I expected she would show signs of great distress and shame; but to my surprise she neither wept nor blushed: composed, though grave, she stood, the central mark of all eyes.
Epanchin began to show signs of discontent, and that was a serious matter.
It was in the days of the Regency that the Dawlish coffers first began to show signs of cracking under the strain, in the era of the then celebrated Beau Dawlish.
In my will I have laid down the lines on which this institution is to be conducted; it would be tedious to go over them, it is enough to say that I have a fund which will some day enable the Commune to award several scholarships for children who show signs of promise in art or science.
Mortimer, who had begun to show signs of some strong emotion, "I am telling that which I have not confided to anyone.