show variety

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America's First Family of Song stars in their first Christmas special, following the success of THE KING FAMILY SHOW variety series, which premiered in 1965.
Students will go over their pencil lines with Sharpies (thick and thin), paying attention to the line quality needed to show variety.
The Sort of Late Show variety show featuring comedian Shaun Connolly and music by Grade "A'' Fancy, followed by dance party with Man vs.
In 1955, they made their first TV appearance on BBC show Variety Parade and became regulars for three years.
But in June 1955, Mike and Bernie made their first television appearance on the BBC show Variety Parade, and became regulars for three years.
It can be a bit hard after doing the hard drama of Love/Hate, but it's worth exploring to show variety.
In 1936 she joined Billy Reid and his orchestra and after the Second World War began to work for the BBC radio show Variety Bandbox.
CTS - Cleveland Theatre School - will be treading the boards with their new show VARIETY 2010 from March 30-April 1.
A specially commissioned family show Variety Of Ice and a second visit from English National Ballet with the delightful Angelina Ballerina complete the star-spangled line-up.
Here are a few examples, selected to show variety and versatility, from the blogosphere--a new term coined by bloggers to convey a sense of the vastness and interconnectedness of blogs.
An impulse tracking service without non-scanned data would show variety packs were much less popular than they in fact are," said Bevan.
Second, Monterey Video throws in "sock-a-delic" visual effects, the light show variety that used to grace the stage during the band's vintage Fillmore days, which are in the end more distracting than useful.