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A Musto bear suit goes over the top of that, followed by a lightweight showerproof jacket and his wet weather gear.
UK mills have been benefiting from this trend, while updating their archive patterns with new showerproof or stretch finishes.
From the basics, like black shoes, showerproof jackets, track pants and backpacks, to bright hoodies and colourful capri's for PE, all from the coolest brands, Life Style Sports has great value Back to School gear in the bag
All competitors received a PING golf bag, a PING collection wind and showerproof top and a pair of ECCO shoes.
Listen to some music outdoors with a gardeners' showerproof AM/FM radio (pounds 14 at www.
BUSY gardeners will thank you for not missing any of their favourite radio shows while in the potting shed if you give them this fun showerproof gardener's radio, shaped like a plant pot.