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Tried-and-true varieties include the New Guineas that are larger and showier, and there is a new variety, SunPatiens, that will take a little more sun that the old variety.
Gosling - all dyed-blond hair, tattoos and fast bikes - may have the showier role, but Cooper is sheer class as his mirror image.
Harkey discusses "Cornet Chop Suey" as a "novelty" tune that capitalized on the showier aspects that Armstrong might feature on stage.
Populations in the Highland Rim and southern Ridge and Valley are very different in their clonal habit, larger heads with more numerous, showier rays, and preference for growing in calcareous seeps and wet prairies.
As Peter Showier noted, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews indicated that passengers might include Tamil Tigers wanting to infiltrate Canada and this arrival was orchestrated by criminal human smugglers.
Latin rhythms were showier but trickier; my rumba drew worried looks from the other people in the studio, and one of them brought me a chair and a glass of water.
6) The 1938-'42 Gibson Super Jumbo/SJ-200 ($90,000 to $120,000) - Gibson's answer to Martin's D, it was larger, showier, and wound up in the hands of many a big-screen singing cowboy.
No city boasts more classic modern houses than LA but most are out of public view and at risk from new owners who may buy them as tear-downs, to be replaced by something larger and showier.
Sprinkled through the poem, they provide a sense of the whorls within whorls, calling attention to themselves in a showier fashion than typical alliteration, but in a manner that echoes the very structure of the multiple spiral levels of the work.
A lack of give-and-take chemistry between Travolta, in by far the showier role, and Meyers creates a further strain on the stop/start proceedings.
Instead of treading the well-worn path of teaching people the basics, Blanc is overtly targeting the middle-class dinner party brigade--folk who like to dish up food that's a little showier than the standard Jamie Oliver or Hairy Biker fare and who have been under-serviced of late (Blumenthal's stuff you can gawp at but it's not for attempting at home).