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We must forgive them, not showily, not on some future TV show and let's not even think of inviting them back to Liverpool.
As he puts his arms showily around Kat and blows kisses into the ear of the woman he has promised to marry, he clearly wants you to feel some sympathy for him.
In that inscription, Yuan argues that poetry deteriorated over the course of the Southern Dynasties such that by the Liang and Chen eras, poetry had become nothing more than "licentiously alluring (yinyan [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), ornamental, showily artificial bits of versification.
Tukapu aknupu = elegantly, showily dressed Wallpay wana; Wallparillaq = industrious, diligent worker
Director Doug McHenry (``Jason's Lyric'') evidently encouraged most of the actors to play it as broad and showily as they could.
Hostas adore the slightly drier margins of a bog garden, and perform far more showily than in the regular garden.
But in this book she hauls out her working-class credentials so often and so showily that she seems to be using them to mau-mau the "nice young men in blue suits from Brooks" she fought against in the White House.
Anti Body Positive is a more showily postmodern production.
From left, Durham Chief Constable Jon Stoddart, Sheila Hingley, head of heritage collections, and vice chancellor Prof Chris Higgins ATTENTION SEEKER Raymond Scott was dressed typically showily, top, as he arrived at court yesterday.
Always tempted to see itself in a French mirror, the Catalan capital is showily cosmopolitan and open to new ideas; its rival is a conservative, administrative city.