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Despite Versace's flair for showiness, he always claimed he was basically "a simple boy".
It's a tale which serves as a glittering and upholstery-soaring vehicle for gags, slapstick, showiness, dance routines, costumes, magic tricks, special effects and poo jokes.
The menu, too, is all good things without showiness.
I Want To Break Free was flawless and Andrew Derbyshire (whose CV features We Will Rock You and Joseph) was the perfect embodiment of Freddie Mercury's showiness.
No showiness, no set, no lighting changes - only showmanship, the music and the performance.
Another Cheshire resident, Dee Catton, drives a Lotus with the licence plate S111 EXY - but that sort of showiness is not for Mrs Walsh.
To try to distinguish effects of showiness from mimicking scary eyes, Mappes and her colleagues developed tests based on computers and mealworms.
Even the Saddler bred for its high-stepping showiness has to be trained for two years in the slow gaits (p.
Of course if out and out showiness is a must have you can always order up the vindaloo 275 Trophy R with optional chiropractor.
As the UK summer carnival season kicks off with Glastonbury festival, bmi regional is offering customers who crave that rock star feeling the showiness of travelling by private jets with full in-flight service.
He told the religious leaders of his day exactly what he thought of them and all their self-righteous showiness.
With this penchant for sartorial drama, Molly relished the showiness of her new Irish Crochet, a style of lace that reminded her of carved ivory.