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A 115-mm, 26:1 TP115-26 parallel twin-screw will be shown with a pipe die and a TC86 conical twin-screw for high natural-fiber loadings of up to 70% will be shown for fence profiles.
Evaluation of acceptability of the 3-and 12-mm-section ductile irons using the tensile strength-elongation quality baseline is shown in Fig.
Dreading the drive to Long Beach, Los Angeles or Riverside, where the movie is regularly shown, Dufoe and her husband, Terry, decided to explore bringing the show to the Antelope Valley.
Homeboys, which is shown on UPN, is the kind of television situation comedy that makes you wonder what the pitch meeting was like: "Let's send two funny black guys into outer space.
Minorities want quality, multigenre programming shown on their own networks, but they also want greater power behind the scenes.
But there was no way that it could have been shown on television, at least not without some serious digitizing of the screen.
produced the video along with a product overview that was shown inside the booth.
Models that combine an overhead linear traverse with a jointed arm will be shown by Fanuc and Ventax.
Still, he concedes that it's a challenge to get people he has royally miffed to sign agreements allowing the footage to be shown on TV.
Brent Bozell III said, "Surveys have shown that one in every three cops on television today is the villain.
Downstream advances in tube-winding speed are shown by Boston Matthews and Corelco, both with automatic loading and unloading devices that let reels run continuously at very high line speeds, even during reel changes.
She has so far shown no propensity for insightful interviewing technique, exemplified by this softball lob to Bush: ``Tell me how, as president, you can make a difference.