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It includes showpieces carved out of wood, attractive lamps for adults and kids, funky wooden mirrors, frames, elegant units and fancy wooden vases.
To earn the "Passport to Lyon" award, the Philippine team had to produce a chocolate showpiece, a sugar showpiece (both with a base of 60cm x 40cm; height of 125cm), two classic chocolate cake desserts, and 18 plated desserts, all in eight hours in front of a live audience.
We are going to incorporate dragons and harps in the showpieces so that people are able to tell that our buffet has a strong Welsh influence.
Boots will be polished, shin guards and body armour packed away and the fridge emptied of energy drinks as one of the biggest days in the Lisburn Invitational League gets ready for its New Year football showpiece.
We do not want to end up with the bland showpieces of New Labour or the Conservatives.
Does he know anything other than the showpieces he extols and could he be the architect of one of them?
But it is the big classical showpieces that audiences still demand to see.
More sinister and ultimately more devastating than these comically inflated architectural showpieces, however, were the concentration, slave-labor, and extermination camps, such as Auschwitz, which Speer also designed, and which remained hidden from the public eye.
United Furniture, a leading furniture and furnishings brand in the UAE, has launched its new marine collection featuring exotic showpieces of fishes, snails, ducks and night lamps and picturesque painted cupboards.