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The electric-drive pre shredders will have hourly throughputs of 41 tons, prior to the post shredders production of 16.
The operator can walk away as the shredder continuously processes the material to a comfortable particle size for the granulator, which will further size-reduce to the desired level.
In 2011, Auto Feed shredders made up a five per cent of the shredder market share that increased to 17 per cent in 2012.
Those voted the 'Best Buy' shredders included the Bosch AXT 22 D (PS280), a quiet roller shredder which proved to be the best for all types of material, the Bosch AXT 23 TC (PS400), a roller shredder which was best for more woody material, and the Al-Ko 2500R Power Slider (PS229), an impact type which proved best for fine shredding.
An alternative to purchasing a shredder is to contract with a General Services Administration (GSA) approved shredder service.
Shredder output size is generally controlled by the hole size on its exit screen--many models offer interchangeable screens to create relatively larger or smaller particles.
The point is, the more we understand about the 'big picture,' the more likely we are to identify the right shredder for the joiner even if a shredder is an appropriate solution for the buyer," Ward remarks.
The TSC 80 SXS shredding plant will allow IDSA to provide better quality scrap to its consumers, while at the same time broadening the type of scrap that the company can process, according to a press release from The Shredder Co.
An electronic sensor that surrounds the paper entry shuts down the shredder immediately when it comes in contact with the energy field created by humans and larger pets.
From Herbold Meckesheim (Germany) grinders and other size-reduction systems including a specialized shredder for plastics with embedded metal-like tires or window frames.
Wagonloads of shocks would be hauled to the barn, where the shredder waited.
But although a large amount of sensitive data is increasingly stored digitally, recent corporate scandals have proved that shredders are still a critical method of destroying information.