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For customers who have smaller amounts of paper to shred, ProShred offers its drop-off service where people can bring their items for shredding to ProShred during business hours for professional shredding at an affordable price.
More importantly, we are happy that more than 10,000 people took advantage of the free shredding services and no longer have sensitive information sitting around their homes and offices.
We are helping to prevent identity theft by securely shredding confidential documents; we're recycling which is good for the environment and with the generous contributions able to make a contribution to a great organization.
uk today to find out how paper shredding can help your organisation stay secure and save the environment in the process.
According to Dennis Buckmaster, an associate professor of agricultural and biological engineering, Purdue University, by shredding corn stover, there is better access to cellulose, which is the main part of plant cell walls necessary to make ethanol.
Place up to 50 pounds of paper per family in the Sound Shredding & Recycling locked barrels located in the GaPac lobby.
WALES' first mobile shredding company, South Wales Shredding, is offering people a chance to dispose of confidential waste - and help the planet at the same time.
His responsibilities with Badger Shredding include managing the sales and marketing efforts of Badger Shredding Products to the aggregate, demolition, solid waste and recycling industries.
Paper shredding has emerged as a new and growing bank marketing technique.
Operators of C&D landfills have one overriding reason to be interested in shredding incoming material: to extend the limited life of their profitable enterprise.
WHEN THE UNIVERSITY of Arkansas for Medical Sciences hired a document shredding company a few years ago, the Little Rock hospital campus thought it would need the service about once a week.