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The RBI this years is likely to delay or keep aside the shredding of damaged notes of smaller denominations since all its shredding units will be taken up by the demonetised high denomination notes.
It designs and makes mobile and stationary shredding and recycling systems.
Top features include: RAD-AX Dual Shredding Technology (patent-pending) which comprises of radial and axial shredding elements; Hardened 440C stainless steel (HRC 55) shredding elements; Controlled shredding system efficiency for alleviating potentially high surge load to the motor; Large solids size passage through impeller and volute, coupled to a high torque 4-pole motor (2, 3, & 5 HP) for large solid shredding; Oil-lubricated double mechanical seal design, with additional lip seal to protect the motor; Heavy Duty SOOW power cable and Seal Minder cable - for early warning pump and motor protection.
We will offer our new and existing customers in Milton Keynes improved service levels, enhanced security standards, a more flexible range of services - including both on and off site shredding and recycling and waste disposal services.
Buckmaster said that those differences are all the more impressive when considering the energy savings tied to shredding, giving ethanol makers potentially more cellulose for less cost.
Place up to 50 pounds of paper per family in the Sound Shredding & Recycling locked barrels located in the GaPac lobby.
Tm sure like most shredding companies we see an even larger number of purges between January and May as clients inventory and destroy their material that has reached the end of its retention period," Johnson says.
South Wales Shredding is a Mobile Data Destruction company, which helps people, get rid of confidential material securely, in accordance with the Data Protection Act and in an environmentally friendly way.
Some have obtained industrial-strength shredders and have invited the public to bring their papers for shredding on a designated day.
Operators of C&D landfills have one overriding reason to be interested in shredding incoming material: to extend the limited life of their profitable enterprise.
WHEN THE UNIVERSITY of Arkansas for Medical Sciences hired a document shredding company a few years ago, the Little Rock hospital campus thought it would need the service about once a week.
The POA Manual acknowledges that document shredding or burning should be used; yet there is an absence of detailed standards for corporations or mobile-shredding service contractors.