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Pancake Day actually out dates the Christian Shrove Tuesday.
Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday is the day that TChristians would confess all of their sins, before Lent commences the next day, on Ash Wednesday.
The Shrove Tuesday celebrations gave us all the chance to have great fun while raising awareness of what lies ahead.
The idea originally was that people gave up certain fatty and sweet foods, like eggs, milk, butter and sugar for Lent, so used them all up on Shrove Tuesday.
Even the fussiest eaters may be tempted to try new things if they are wrapped up in delicious pancakes Make this Shrove Tuesday a flipping good time for your health and your heart.
Pancakes are among the simplest and yet most satisfying desserts around, and this week is the perfect excuse to get the frying pan out and cook up a batch -- March 8 is Shrove Tuesday, or as it's known in the UK, pancake day.
First Christian Church - A celebration of Shrove Tuesday will begin with a pancake supper at 5:30 p.
Other Shrove Day traditions include an event in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, where hundreds flock to play the Royal Shrovetide Football match on a three-mile pitch.
The custom of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday arose because of the need for using the eggs and fat that were originally prohibited items during the 40 days of Lent.
In a popular ritual of rebuke, young men rounded up women who had not taken a husband by Shrove Tuesday, and yoked them to a plough, forcing them to pull it--an inversion of the sexual division of labor, since plowing was men's work.
If Alfie has been mourning his parents on Shrove Tuesday every year since they died surely he's been getting the date wrong.
The contest is believed to have been played on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday since the 12th century and the rules prohibit only murder, manslaughter and movement of the ball by vehicle.