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This minuscule new garment is called the shrug, and daft as it may seem on first glance, is already a mainstay of this season's wardrobe.
Shrug singer Robert Nichols says: "I hope for one night we can bring back some of the spirit of those exciting times when everything was lovingly home-made from the felt tip pen posters to the porta-studio band demos.
CAT'S MYLOT: Kingsley shrugs yesterday; PRIDE GONE: Ref humbles Kingsley
The return of Sounds' columnist Rob Nichols and his Shrug buddies to the stage after an absence of three years was more than welcome.
I've asked to meet her but he just shrugs his shoulders and says she's refused.
It's over,'' Gilbert said with a shrug, and I'm not sure if he was referring to the afternoon or to Missouri's season.
While the college-age characters of the popular show might shrug off the court ruling as a minor "bummer," state and local officials interested in sustaining ties with California's third largest industry are taking the matter more seriously.
A shrug is not a shrug unless it's from a Frenchman, when it becomes a 'Gallic shrug.
WITH Tinseltown's festive season in full swing, the stars are piling on the glitz - and this year's must-have is the bling-bling shrug.
shrug "I found a cashmere shrug in the Harvey Nicks sale to go with a deliciously flirty Nina Morris dress I was wearing to a function in Dudley.
This black velvet shrug from Freemans with a detachable feather trim will jazz up any outfit.