shrug off

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As I said, it's hard to shrug off, but maybe we can do it together.
Have you taken time to shrug off the chill of winter and develop a plan for beating summer's hottest months?
But Tigers coach Ian Millward backed Super League's Man of Steel to shrug off the setback.
The Angels seemed to shrug off Thursday's postgame incident, when Darin Erstad was heard shouting at the top of his lungs in an effort to restore order.
She's always known when to get deep--and when to shrug off the melodrama and have a good time.
Brendan Barber, general secretary-elect of the TUC, said: ``The Chancellor should shrug off his critics.
Bayern team-mate Carsten Jancker is hoping to shrug off a toe injury and Sebastian Deisler and Carsten Ramelow have thigh strains.
When it descends over a drama--as it tends increasingly to do in our movies--it becomes inescapable and pervasive, and so no easier to shrug off than a winter which seems to sprawl from the end of one Canadian summer to the beginning of another.
While the college-age characters of the popular show might shrug off the court ruling as a minor "bummer," state and local officials interested in sustaining ties with California's third largest industry are taking the matter more seriously.
Investors seem determined to start the month off on the right foot, as they shrug off the latest round of weak economic data and push stocks higher.
DAVID Cameron will shrug off calls to scrap the hated NHS reforms in a speech today.