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Braley worked as an oyster shucker in Olympia and a green chain puller for Seneca Lumber and Sundance Lumber.
We deferred to the judgment of the swaggering young shucker behind the bar and soon exulted in a platter of four different British Columbia oyster varieties, including Euro Flats -- French oyster seed grown off Thetis Island.
The Manorfield String Quartette provided beautiful background music and Island oyster shucker Mike Pendergast commanded the attention of those gathered as he offered exquisite Colville Bay oysters on the half shell from his well stocked dory
Thirty grams pure seed of each species was obtained in this manner and assigned to one of the following treatments: (i) intact spikelets-chaffy pure-seeds, (ii) debearded spikelets-rough pure-seeds lightly trimmed of hair and awns with the aid of a rub-board, and (iii) caryopses-processed with the aid of a Woodward laboratory air-seed shucker (Ag-Renewal, Inc.
Then the shucker knelt or sat among the stalks, stripped the ears of their husks and threw them into a basket, which was then emptied into the wagon.
City made a break though in the 16thminute when Macken rounded off a good move by slotting a pass from Chris Shucker passed Dickinson from close range.
A note on the book: Pre-fame, Nan was an oyster shucker, and, although "tipping the velvet" may refer to swishing down an oyster, a double entendre it does serve
The shucker at a raw bar removed the upper shell of the quahogs with a special knife, cut the two muscles from the lower shell, and presented the quahog meat in the bottom shell (sometimes with lemon juice or sauce) to customers.
The story is set in Victorian England and follows our young heroine, Nancy Astley, through many incarnations--shellfish shucker, traditional male impersonator, male prostitute, plaything in the pleasure palace of a rich sapphist, housekeeper for a brother and sister in the Labour movement.
He worked as a dishwasher and a cook's helper, as a busboy at the old Heathman Hotel and as an oyster shucker at Rose City Oysters.