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THIRSTY WORKSam Wylie-Harris fishes out some wonderful white wines to enjoy with shellfish and seafood | Taste The Difference Muscadet Sevre & Maine Sur Lie 2015, France (PS7, Sainsbury's) A classic white to pour with a plate of half-a-dozen, the natural minerality in muscadet complements the freshest sweet flavours of oysters, while the tangy, citrus notes and hints of green apple will sharpen the palate before you start shucking and diving into those shells.
What you need is an oyster or a shucking knife with a short blade.
There, perched on a chrome-legged stool at the counter, barely an hour after bounding off my plane, I downed a dozen plump beauties, deftly opened by Seattle native David Leck, a 31-year-old Taylor employee and international shucking champ.
Ivan travelled the province showing off his lightening fast corn shucking abilities.
gov/scoysters), but is likely much smaller than shell piles produced by commercial shucking operations in other states and used tier larger restoration efforts or to replant harvested beds.
I spent four years shucking and jiving stringent math and science requirements.
Welcoming the responsibility of his own children in college, high school and grade school, the thought of another black man shucking that "blessing" is anathema to him.
Our Columbus Circle pigeon says the city is shucking its two-year old RFP responses for Two Columbus Circle, and will shortly come out with yet another RFP.
We all wanted to be Dream Curly and wear the smart outfit and dance the big dance and never have to worry about shucking corn that's as high as an elephant's eye.
The former opens with a line of dancers silhouetted against a bright blue night sky, shucking and jiving, pointing at each other, all jutting arms and tilting heads and attitude.
The Clausens paid off those loans, but mortgaged everything again in 1995 to construct a new building to house cooling, shucking and smoking facilities.
Sea Watch intends to convert the plant to a clam shucking facility by year's end.