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A son, who knows that debits appear on the left and credits on the right, told me to get our financial house in order so he won't be operating in the dark as our personal representative when we shuffle off this mortal coil, pass into the sunset (you know where this is going).
In fact it should be "to shuffle off this mortal coil" and he would be pleasantly enlightened if he were to read Shakespeare's play Hamlet.
MOST people were disappointed to see Finance Minister Charlie McCreevy shuffle off into the sunset for Europe this week.
Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms will receive when they finally shuffle off their mortal coils.
Congress originator and jazz master Gus Giordano wanted the 2000 event back at its roots in Chicagoland, but the University of Buffalo campus site had proved so successful--with thirty-four countries represented--and the University's Center for the Arts such an enthusiastic host and inviting venue that the Congress decided to shuffle off to Buffalo once again.
30pm, Ch4, YOU'D think what with all poor Margi Shadwick's been through lately, the Musgroves would steer clear and let her shuffle off to Brussels to mend her broken heart.
In the fall of 1994, Nichols and several friends traveled to Minneapolis for one of Granse's seminars on how to shuffle off the legal coils of taxes and licenses.
Like his House of Lords colleague, Leon Brittan, it seems Lord Janner will be untried in court and will shuffle off this mortal coil with his reputation legally intact.
Of course, I'm not suggesting that we should all voluntarily shuffle off our mortal coils when we reach a certain age.
And while your accountant has always been able to predict the size of your HMRC contribution, your doctor may soon be able to work out exactly when you'll shuffle off the mortal coil.
But will they all make it to the end of the series, or are some destined to shuffle off this mortal coil beforehand in a bid to make the drama's demise more poignant than it might have been?